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John Sandberg, who invented the Amadorable Tote-em sap sack holder, has been in the maple industry since the late 1960's. As an 8 year old boy, he got to help his Grandpa and older cousins out in the Maple woods. The time spent created fond memories  and have been "infected" by the Maple bug ever since.
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Sap Sack Holders

What are they? Sap Sack holders are shaped in a cup type form. They are food grade polypropylene injected into a mold. They're stackable for off season space saving and handles being molded into the cup to conveniently lift the Toe-em off the spigot.

They are available in 4 vibrant colors. The colors of Maple leaves; red, orange, yellow and green.

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Sap Sack Holders

An easy way to hang your sap bag on the tree and also for easy pouring with no hoses to worry about.


Whether you're looking to tap a few trees or make a business out of it, we have what you need!
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